The Chronicles of Astoria

New Stuff Coming

Got some cool ideas for upcoming games. I really think this stuff will seriously add to the fun of the game so keep an eye here for when I post it. 

A Beshadowed Past
A man's past leads him to question the truth of his present

Responding to a post in the Herald two young men converge in the coastal city of Port Glow. Baron Quintus Pinehurst met with the young men explaining to them that he required help in looking into a location key to his past. This location, he believes is also key to solving the problems of a small town in his kingdom. Accepting his offer for employment as a simple exploration of some old ruins and an opportunity to help others. They meet Lientria Lightwind a slight human women who will join them on their quest.

A short journey though the woods of the Pinehurst Duchy has them arrive at Merryweather a small town experiencing a problem of poisoned water. The water had made many of the townsfolk sick and came when the town refused to offer tribute to a local goblin tribe located up the river.

Heading out towards the ruins and the goblin tribe the trio was attacked by a pack of roaming, slathering undead. Through a difficult fight they were able to dispatch the foul beasts. The next morning they ambushed the goblins who were coming to collect the tribute, easily defeating them. However after the combat Lientria was missing and there was signs of a struggle leading towards the ruins.

Following the trail Oba and Lorien descend into the ruins, slaughtering the goblins merciless before them. Until, that is they arrive at the nursery, there they were pricked in their hearts when faced with the innocent children of the goblins they allow them and their guardians to live while proceeding into the underground chambers of the ruins.

In the ruins, through a secret door and in a room obviously equipped for the worship of some dark serpent deity they find Lientra strapped to an alter, a dark gem embedded in her chest. Above her stood a beautiful women with golden scales, dainty claws and fangs.

Sarrassin stood ready to sacrifice Lientria to her dark god but escaped when Oba and Lorien showed up. Lientria however was not safe, as her soul was being consumed by the gem embedded in her chest.

Returning to Baron Pinehurst the Duo gave their report that the ruins were actually the sight of an ancient cult of serpent people. They received their payment and learned that the high priest in Sunrise could help them with Lientria’s condition.


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