Royal Elf Rogue/Favored Soul


Lorien is a Elf born unto the royal family, cousin to the prince himself. Lorien's mother died giving birth to him. His father was given into sorrow and was not fit to be Lorien's guardian, so the King and Queen of the Elves took charge of him and raised him. Feeling like an outcast, Lorien was a loner all of his childhood.

     He took classes with all the other Elven children, but never got along with them. Lorien soon became skilled with a knife and a bow, and became very skilled in the ways of hunting.

     While out hunting by himself one day, he was attack by a very large beast. Unable to fend off the beast, he thrust his hands up in reflex, and a bright light shot out of his hands and killed the best. Eyes wide with suprise, Lorien stared at his hands when his back had a searing pain. The pain was so great that Lorien blacked out and woke up several hours later.

    He went straight to the Elven spellweavers and explained what had happened. They listened and studied what he told them. When they looked at his back, they found the symbol of the Lord Kossuth burned into his flesh. Instantly they understood that the Lord Kossuth had chosen him to become a Favoured Soul, a very Avatar of himself. The Elven spellweavers told him he was destined for greatness and that he should persue his new-found powers. Lorien was over-whelmed by the news and decided to take a journy by himself to think about all that had happened. He left the Elven forest and wandered the plains.

    A few years later, he ran into a man named Udokas. Udokas was a man of many talents, but mostly skilled in the ways of thievery. Lorien, being gone from home so long, with no company, decided he would travel with the strange new man. Eventually, Lorien decided to learn the ways of thievery and take on the mantle of a rogue. Having been skilled with a knife and bow already, Lorien quickly picked up on the skills of thievery.

    One day, Lorien and Udokas were camping on the outskirts of a forest when they were attacked by a band of bandits. Even though they were out-numbered 2-to-1, they fought well, and the bandit leader ran off when his followers were killed, but not before Udokas was injured too greatly for simple bandages to bring him back. Udokas died some hours later. Mourning his friend and teacher's death, Lorien realized that he could have saved his friend and teacher's life by learning the ways of the Favored Soul. He vowed to become strong in the ways of the Favored Soul. He made the trip to the nearest city with a temple of Kossuth there was, and took upon the mantle of Favored Soul of Kossuth.

     Having taken up the mantle, Lorien traveled more in search of glory and to purge the world of the un-believers in the flame of his Lord Kossuth. Having come to a large city, Lorien met up with a fighter named Oba and decided to travel with him. Lorien and Oba traveled the lands vanquishing foes and spreading the word of Lord Kossuth.


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