Acadamaea Donum

“Hide behind your books wizards, and fear for the magic of the cosmos beats through our viens.”

Mission: The Acadamy is dedicated to furthering Arcane experimentation, enlightenment, and exploration. As well as preservation and freedom of magic as a whole across the realm.

Prominent Leadership:

  • Headmaster Lorinth G’Lestrine
    • Headmaster Lorinth has been the head of the Acadamy for as the last 700 years he is a cold aloof high elf whose only passion is the Art and his hatred of the University.


  • Gather Arcane Knowledge and Artifacts from across the world
  • Provide an assisting hand to aspiring sorcerer’s everywhere
  • Encourage Arcane Liberty and magical freedom at all times
  • Fight the Oppressive hand of the University constantly.
  • Strive to maintain peace and prosperity while increasing the power of the Acadamies alumni throughout the realm


  • Explore the Art, the world and yourself
  • Experiment often as without innovation even the greatest withers and dies
  • Gather as much arcane power as is possible and assist the acadamy
  • Protect magic as a base freedom of all


  • Do not destroy knowledge where possible, even the darkest secrets have use
  • Do not become obsessed with study, practical experience benefits your talents more
  • Do not allow magic to be stifled and controlled


Organizational Allies:

Organizational Enemies:


Acadamaea Donum

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