The Guild

“ If it was bought or sold The Guild touched it”

Mission: Encouragement of trade and industry throughout the realm.

Prominent Leadership:

  • Sir Eric Leshay, aka the Golden Lord, Leader of The Guild
  • Lucas Klitialianas Half-Dragon Dwarf, aka The Bladekeeper, Head of Arms sales
  • Claire Lu’Bouis, Half-Ice Elemental Grey Elf, aka The White Lady, Head of Escorts
  • Law, Axiomatic Awakened Golem, aka The Law, Head of Banking
  • Countess Lissendra Toboso, Erniyes, The Silver Tounged She-Devil, Head of Trade
  • Head of Fabrication


  • Money
  • Power
  • Favors


  • Loyalty, Never Betray the Guild or it’s secrets
  • Competition
  • Betterment, of thyself and The Guild


  • Wagging Tongues have a tendency to be cut off
  • Failure is a sign to others that you can not hold what you have
  • Stagnation is the first sign of death


Organizational Allies:

Organizational Enemies:


  • Arms Sales and Mercenary Operations
  • Escort and Companionship
  • Banking, Money Lending, and Security
  • Trade and Shipment
  • Frabrication and Construction

The Guild

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