The University of High Wizardry

“ Knowledge is Power”

Mission: Provide an institute of learning in which to master the Arcane Sciences

Prominent Leadership:

  • Johnathan Palanthas, Human Wizard, High Wizard of the Council
  • Seteras Hssithess, Headmaster of the School of Enchantment and Public Speaking
  • Portia Mathas, Headmistress of Evocation and Combat Wizardry
  • Julian, Headmaster of Illusion and Art
  • Mistrella Chandliss, Headmistress of Necromantic Studies
  • Clyde Ubama, Headmaster of Conjuration and Crafting Studies
  • Tatiana Santisa, Headmistress of Abjuration and Magical Item Creation
  • Mother, Head of School of Divination and Oracular Studies


Acquire and safegaurd all sources of knowledge, art and liteture Control Access to magic in order to safegaurd the common man


  • Study, Study, STUDY, Knowledge is Power
  • Seek to generate Positive Repuation for the College and Wizardry at all times
  • Keep dangerous magic out of the hands of the untrained lest all creation be undone


  • Freely teaching wizardry beyond the bound and outside the purview of the college
  • Destroying or allowing to be destroyed works of art, magical writings, and knowledge


  • Organizational Allies:
  • The Guild
  • The Court of Dawn

Organizational Enemies:


  • Enchantment
  • Evocation
  • Illusion
  • Necromancy
  • Conjuration
  • Abjuration
  • Divination

The University of High Wizardry

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