Tyranids are insecticides that come in every size, shape, and color. They evolve at an unparalleled rate, changing any aspect of their races anatomy to suit any situation. Ranging from the size of islands to small enough to be a virus, they are the ultimate killing machines. And that is about as far as they can think, as a machine would. The Tyranid killing machine is controlled by the Hive Mind. Its unknown weather or not the Hive Mind is a single being or the collective thought processes of every sentient being within the Tyranid race. The only truly known thing is that it is very difficult to communicate with the Tyranids, although not completely unheard of. It’s rumored that the Tyranid’s Hive Mind has an agreement with the Mindflayers of _. As far as anyone can tell, the agreement consists of the Tyranids agreeing to not consume the Mindflayers.

The Nameless One:

His name is not a curse, or some word of power that brings forth the apocalypse. He would be given a name, where it known.

Crashing to the planet from the stars, a mighty chrysalis the size of a small continent obliterated the land mass known today as Abyst. The chrysalis opened, reviling the Nameless One. Clawing past the membrane and embryonic fluid, the horror that was the darkness’s great master and took in the raw and unclaimed planet before it. Slamming bone and sinew into the world four times, the Nameless One created the four Ends. The Ends all connected to water, causing it to cascade over its end and fall into the void. After forming the Ends, great wings carried the Nameless One to the western side of Abyst. There, he created the Draconum, a species that would be considered half-dragons in the old world, but have much more diversity. Meanwhile, the land surrounding the chrysalis started to creep with a living organism. The organism sprouted many spore chimneys and mandibles high into the air. Around the chrysalis itself, the land fell away and the Ends became linked with the same void in between all of them. The main land of the chrysalis became isolated from the rest of the world.

The Nameless One flew back to the chrysalis. Weather it was called back by the chrysalis itself, or it went under it’s own power with no knowledge of it’s fate, in the end it landed on the chrysalis, completing its second and last flight. With a great, mind-shattering roar, the chrysalis bloomed mandibles, claws and spines. Said implements crawled up and into the Nameless One, and brought his reign of Abyst to and end. The Nameless One became a part of the chrysalis once again.

Hive after hive sprouted from the organism that consumed the land. Insectoid beings of every size, color, and shape came from these hives and crawled over the land in swarms of thousands. After thousands of years and thousands of Tyrandis coming from the hundreds of hives, a new Nameless One came from the chrysalis. Again, covered in bone, muscle and sinew, this new harbinger of destruction and consumption called to all hives within the organism’s bounds and all hives spat fourth swarm after swarm. While the creation of The Endless Swarm was underway, the chrysalis itself reviled another secrete. From a maw within the chrysalis shot another chrysalis. This second egg was the same size as the original shell that hit the planet thousands of years ago. This one, however, didn’t have to fly far, as it slammed into one of the moons that rotate around the world. This moon, Glazzel by name, now has the same organism that consumes much of Abyst all over its surface. Its unknown weather or not the Tyranids have swarms on the moon, if they’ve evolved a special breed just for the moon, or if it’s simply the organism all on it’s own.

Then things got bad.

The world groaned, and from the void around the chrysalis, several insectoid legs came up and slammed into the ground surrounding the enormous mass that was the chrysalis. The new Nameless One let out a bellow that shattered mountains and splintered forests to herald in the time of its master. The chrysalis was no longer a vessel to house and carry others. Its evolution was complete and into the world from the Ends and the void between them came the Great Titan. The original Nameless One’s creation of the Ends didn’t cause water to fall into a void. The water fell very, very far, but ultimately fed the ever growing and evolving chrysalis into the island-sized titan that dominates the skyline of Abyst. It hasn’t moved yet, and for years the hives and swarms have grown in size and number. When the Titan emerged, a spore flew off to the eastern side of Abyst, and from it the dragons came. Some who travel the planes of existences have argued that this event proves that the Tyranids are the creators of dragons, and the only reason dragons exist on any planet is because the great insect tyrants planted them there. This is purely speculation, unproven and utterly ridicules.


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